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Allowed typenames for ASDK7 - GetItemsByType

Created: 15 May 2011 • Updated: 17 May 2011 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

What are the allowed types for ItemManagementService GetItemsByType method? 

They don't map to class names, and even the example "Collection" in the documentation is out of date for SMP7. 

It doesn't map to the TypeName field returned by the method.  For example, if you use "Computer" the objects returned are of TypeName "ComputerResource"

I specifically need to find Quick Software Delivery tasks.  Here are the partial  results when I use "GetItemByGuid"

TypeName: DeliverSoftwareEx
LongTypeName: Altiris.SoftwareManagement.Tasks.DeliverSoftwareEx
TypeGuid: 98ed4aeb-6c8e-472f-8aee-e213016ca4ff

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GetItemsByType method return void.Actually most of the ASDK web service calls return void. This is because requests are relayed via any number of connected clients and the results cannot be automatically combined. You can use item's type as a parameter in GetItemsByType method.

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That's what I'm asking. The list of allowed strings for the parameter.

Scott Wedekind

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You can use any item's type as a parameter in GetItemsType method.For Example: File Resource, Resouce Target, Presentation folder,Collection Item, Task, Policy,Computer Item and reports etc.

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Thanks that did work.  Sorry, I had to set aside that project for a few days.

 I am curious, is there some way of identifying that string through the SMP console or with a CMDB query?  

Scott Wedekind

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You can identify the string with a CMDB query by making join among vItem view ,String table,vItemFolder and Class table.