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Altiris 6.5 Helpdesk - Adding the Admin Menu

Created: 18 Oct 2012 • Updated: 19 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hey guys, we're still hanging on to the old version of Helpdesk which I have almost no background knowledge in as pretty much everything I've worked on is strictly NS/DS. I was curious if anyone knows how to get the Admin command menu added for a Helpdesk worker like below:

I have tried giving a test user basically the full on Altiris Administrator priveledges in NS but it never adds the Admin portion to the menu. I've looked all over the Helpdesk solution itself and couldn't find anything. I'm sure it's embarrassingly easy to flip the switch somewhere but I just can't seem to find it. If anyone needs more info to explain this let me know.

Thanks ahead of time for any responses!!

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Rob Moore's picture

Hi Matt (If that is your real name- maybe Jason Bourne?)

Under the NS console, in the Security Roles, you need to make sure the user or group has the permission Administer Incidents under the Incident Privileges section.

What you should do is create a LOCAL group on the NS server and call it HelpDeskAdmins, then create a security role called HelpDeskAdmins (same as the local group). Make sure thhat group has essentially all the boxes checked under Incident Privileges, and all the boxes checked under HelpDesk Privileges.

This should grant the user the admin rights and the they should see the Admin Menu. Note that the ueser has to close ALL his IE windows and then go back into the conosle. Admin menu should be there.

Feel free to email me if you like!


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That did it, thanks much Rob!!

I debated on using Jason Bourne here, but I already have that multiple other places.

That "other" Matt Damon.

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My Pleasure Matt.

If you went the local group route, note that you can add an AD group to that local group, and administer all the users via AD. We use this method so we don't have to log onto the server to update user permissions.  We have over 700 workers, and we are constantly adding and removeing people.