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Altiris 7.1. Asset Management Suite showing all components as instaleld SW

Created: 25 Nov 2013 | 4 comments

Hi All,

Can anyone help me with solution ? Whenever  we  download reports of Newly Discovered Software it shows all software installed alongwith its components.

E.g. - MS Office  2007 - Software 

Microsoft Office Office 64-bit Components 2007 -
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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Add-in Templates 

Even it shows software which is already marked  (moved ) as managed  SW.

Please help to elimnate this unwanted data as it creates  huge reports with  15 LAC + entries.



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Can you please specify the exact location of this report.

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Sorry for delayed reply . Attachment shows exact location of report.

Report name -installed software 

Our actual requirement is which software has been installed on how many systems -

e.g. if i have installed MS office on 5000 systems , it should shows like :

"Software Name              -  Installed Qty

MS Office 2007 Standard - 5000 "

But it shows like

"MS Office 2007 hotfix  - 4000

MS office 2007 security update  -2000 "


Hope this explains my requirement ,please help.

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As per attach report snap you have add Sophos re*, according to that all the install software report will be display which is start with Sophos Re...(Sophos Remote, Sophos reporting. If you can add the proper name it will show you the only that report.

As per you above mention detail
MS Office 2007 Standard - 5000 "

But it shows like

"MS Office 2007 hotfix - 4000

MS office 2007 security update -2000 "

It can show these all the report because these are differently installed in system and it update and new added on time to time and display in add or remove program differently. You have add the (MS Office 2007*)

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Thanks for support. My basic requirement is to generate reports which can tell me how many such softwares are there in my environment which is unmanaged  \ not  procured ,but installed.

If i take dump from "inv_Add Remove program "it genrates 15 Lac line items (As i have 10K PC in network),agains it consists of  all security patches \hotfixes \updates \components etc.along with actual product (managed SW).

So working and removing it from excel is tedious job, i need solution where i can get list of all software (unmanged )installed computerwise excluding service packs\security update\hotfix etc.


Vinayak Patil