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Altiris 7.1 - Custom Software Licensing Report

Created: 03 Dec 2013 | 4 comments

I am a very new user of Altiris, and I need to know if there is a report already in place to provide me with the following info




EXE Name


Ultimately I am trying to get a list of licensable applications.

Does anyone know if this already exists and if so how do I run it?


Is there a script that I can use to get these details?

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Jonny B's picture

Hi James

Thanks for the post I did see this one when I was trawling through and I do not think it quite works for what I need.

I am looking to generate a report that will show me all Publishers, Products, Versions, EXE's and Path (if applicable) as the Path bit may mean its to large to run.

I am still not familiar with the standard reports, its possible that this might be a standard report, I have only started using it today so am a long way off understanding it.

Any further help would be much appreciated


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The Inv_File_Details, Inv_Installed_File_Details & Inv_Windows_File tables should help you.

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Hi Jonny B

You can try the below mentioned query :

select iwf.ProductName as Product, iwf.ProductVersion as Version, ifd.Name as EXEName, ifd.[Path] from Inv_Windows_File iwf

Join Inv_Installed_File_Details ifd



Lemme know if this works for you.