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Altiris 7.5 Software portal error

Created: 18 Feb 2014 • Updated: 19 Mar 2014 | 11 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We test upgraded Altiris 7.5. The software portal is available but if I want to request some software (approved) I get following page:


The messages(warnings) in the log file are below:

<event date="02/18/2014 15:39:00.1672594 +01:00" severity="2" hostName="hostname" source="Altiris.SoftwarePortal.Web.SoftwarePortalPageBase.OnPreInit" module="w3wp.exe" process="w3wp" pid="3968" thread="1068" tickCount="99823432"><![CDATA[Requested page could not be viewed: OurFQDserverName/Altiris/SoftwarePortal/UserPortal/ApprovedSoftwareConfirmationPage.aspx?PublishedSoftwareGuid=ccc3fb45-47bc-4fe2-a7d8-b4986711c86e]]></event>

Operating Systems:

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Igor Perevozchikov's picture

Does this happen each time when you try to request software from Software Portal page?
Such problem could appear due session timeout which is by default 60 min.

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Dmitri Dragunov's picture


Do you have the underscore character ("_") in the name of the NS server.



Admin76's picture



NS servername = sec-npcz-2

SQL servername = sql-npcz-2

regards, Pavel

dat1017's picture

I am also having this issue, but we have 7.5 in Production and only one user is getting that error. I verified he is in the database the same as other users as well as re-installed his agent, with no luck.

Erick Fiquer's picture
Hello guys, the access is made by a link or using the Software Portal shortcut? 
Is tested using the shortcut, it runs a DLL to open the portal, this new version does not work well using a Web link (http://SMP-Server/Altiris/SoftwarePortal/UserPorta...). 
This is the command to open the portal 
C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Software Management Solution Plugin\SoftwareManagementSolution_Agent.dll",ShowSoftwarePortal
Admin76's picture

Thank you very much Eric for good and right tip.

Yes. When I call SW portal using .dll as above, or I used the shortcut above it works! Bingo!

Well, I have displayed the SW portal shortcuts by allowing Software Portal Plug-in Policy and use it for now.

Note: In Altiris 71 it works also when I use http://<servername>/Altiris/SoftwarePortal/UserPortal/home.aspx I can request the software (open the dialog)

So when I use the SW portal shortcut I can request software and dialog is opened succesfullyCaptureSWportal_s.jpg

BUT it is not my victory!!!

Next issue is comming. When I request the Pre-Approved software it goes only to status Open but not to wanted Approved. So not quick delivery task is generated. Neither I am not able to change this status in Administration portal. (But it shouldn't be needed)

Here is my publishing of the SW resource.


When I request the same software again, it return naturally following error.


Erick Fiquer's picture

Use this SQL query to check if the number reached that limit requests per user.



           UserName LIKE '%Insert User Name here%'
           AND State LIKE 'Open'

Or use this report attached .xml


List of Software Portal requests per user.xml 12.3 KB
Admin76's picture

Erick, Thanks for advice.

My second error with "open" state of the SW request has been incredibly solved by itself.

It happened most propably after SQl maintenance plan, which I have run manually, when I did special manual backup. I did nothing more and it started working.

Erick Fiquer's picture
Ok, I'm happy to help.
Do you use any Managed Software Delivery Policies? 
According to the forum, this happened in version 7.1 and will disrupt (
The console was updated or installed directly in version 7.5? 
Open Symantec Instalation Manager on Notification Server and check if there is any FIX correction to be applied.
Admin76's picture

The question which remains is about URL http://<servername>/Altiris/SoftwarePortal/UserPor...

- Is it supported way how to call SW portal as well and in the Altiris is bug now?

- OR it is not supported way in 7.5?

Note: In 7.1 version it worked.