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Altiris Agent installation 7.1

Created: 08 Nov 2012 • Updated: 29 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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Hi All,

Tomorrow i'm going to push the altiris agent.exe from third party deployment software to 4000 machines, in single shot.

once the altiris agent installed, agent will try to communicate with Altiris server, since bandwidth is very less.

i would like to know once the alritis agent installed, while agent communicate with Altiris server, what would be the packet size of the first communication.

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for 1000 systems it took  less than 10MB only.

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Bandwidth Throttling:

By default the agent will download packages at the full connection speed. Bandwidth throttling is turned on via the Targeted Agent Settings policies > Downloads tab.

Bandwidth Throttling limits the speed to either a hard limit in Kbyte/s or as a percentage of the total connection speed to a particular source. When a percentage value is entered this means that once the agent has profiled the speed to the Package Server sources returned to it, that it will download at the specified percentage of the profiled speed to the chosen source.

i.e. If 10% was specified and the speed to a Package Server is profiled at 10MB/s it will download the package at 1MB/s

Within the Agent Settings > Download tab, the following setting is enabled by default 'Only throttle if bandwidth is below 50 Kybtes'. For ease of testing you should disable this setting so that the agent will always bandwidth throttle regardless of the current connection speed.

When testing bandwidth throttling from the agent side you should always have trace logging enabled, as the transfer rates are recorded in trace level logging, example log message below, where a value of 10 Kbyte/s has been chosen.

BandwidthManager  AeXNetComms.dll    Transferred 262.144 KBytes in 26.234 seconds at 9.992 KBytes/s

The transfer rate may not always be to the exact rate specified, however it should be very close.

Within the Altiris Agent UI on the left hand pane there is an Options window, option - 'Enable Bandwidth Control'. When this is enabled the agent will throttle the download of packages as configured. However if the option is disabled the agent will ignore any throttling settings configured for it. This option can be toggled mid way through a current package download, if desired


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