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[Altiris] Agent on NS 7.1 changes to another NS everyday

Created: 16 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
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Hello everyone,

I have two ns. One is running Heldesk Solution 6.0 and the second one running Altiris 7.1

After doing a clean installation of whole Altiris 7.1, the agent on the 7.1 server is supposed to be directed to itself.

However, everyday, the agent installed on the Altiris 7.1 changes its server to the 6.0.

This behavior affects the task server service [on 7.1 agent] turning it into "installed - inactive" on Site Server page!


Wrote the taskmanagement.log here: if helps!

FYI for log: [6.0 server: asvynalt; 7.1 server:]


There's a change of server at a specific time and dont know why.

Why is this happening? Some policy or task? Where? On 6.0 or 7.1?


Thanks in advance! :)





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Scheduled push on NS6 to all Computers with no Agent? The v6 NS can't tell the new NS has an agent because it doesn't report to the v6 NS.

It'll be under the Agent settings on the Config tab AFAIK.

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In Altiris 7.1 you can configure your agent to change to another NS in the following section:

Settings > Agents/Plugins > Symantec Management Agent > Settings > Symantec Managemetn Agent Setttings -Targeted.

Then, select the configuration where your machine falls (probably All Site Servers) and check in the Advanced tab.




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Hello Falquian,

This option is not enabled on my Altiris 7.1 server. If it were, it would be the cause of my problem.

I think my problem can be a policy for installing agents automatically on Helpdesk 6.0. idk