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Altiris CMS 7.1 installation on other drive

Created: 23 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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Apologies if this has been asked previously.

Is there anything specific we should be doing / taking care while installation of CMS if it is going to be on any other drive apart from default (C:). I had once done an installation on D:, however, after installation the console was not accessible from any of the machines within network (Test Environment) from admin credentials and also from any other that had been added to the appropriate.

However, on the same network it was installed in default location it went through?

Possibly I have missed something during installation.

Any guidance / reference / links would be of great help.


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there is nothing to take care on as in a normal installation. Refer to the install guid page 39  there is mentioned "Install Location Configuration".

You can change the install drive in the installation wizard regardless where symantec installation manager is installed.

Maybe you must some prerequisites in the test environment?


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Thanks for the guidance. Possibly there was something not done correctly at my first attempt.

Will try it again in a test environment in few days and would post back if I face any difficulties.

Thanks again.


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One gotcha I found with NS6 was it didn't work properly if you don't use D:\program files...

I tried to use D:\altiris and stuff failed.

However, I've always used D:\program files or E:\program files and it always works

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I had never issues with CMS 7.x installing on D:\altirs or anywhere else. Just have a try and post feedback.


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Also make sure that the SMP's Symantec Management Agent is installed to the same path.  I've had issues arise from having the app on D: and the Agent on C:.

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All our Notification Servers are installed on E:\Program Files\Altiris and have no issues.

Agent will also install on E: drive by default. You may have an issue when attempting to uninstall it and install back on C: drive on NS' box.

Also all our Package servers agents have a non-standard location directly on D:\Altiris agent to their storage availability. We have never had any issues because if this.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies and please accept my apologies for coming back so late.

I have been tied up in many things so unfortunately couldn't perform a test. However, if I understand correct from above replies, I am sure that there was something which I missed because with plenty of +ve experiences there is something that wasn't correct at my side.

I will certainly create another test environment as soon as I am free from current tasks.

Will keep all posted with the results.


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I Think you should also check the permission..

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