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Altiris to deploy java software

Created: 08 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

hey all,

 we would like to update the java to up to date for all workstations within the network,

all of them are the altiris clients and with the software update agent and software management solution agent.

I already create the package and policy for the particular java 7 - 13 version and try to set destination to one of the PC to test.

All the processes in server seems normal without any warning and message when I create the package, policy and schedule.

However, I already waited for two days and the java was still not yet install in the destination PC.

for waiting for one day, someone told me if the PC contain java 6, it is not going to work.

I already removed java 6 on that computer and waiting for another one day.

however still nothing happens on that pc.

do you guys have any idea about this?

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If you're using patch management and created a policy for java 7 13 it will only patch the machines that have a out of date version of java 7. So that machine would have to have some version of Java 7 installed for it to update. If all your machines have java 6 you could enable the latest java 6 patch which would at least patch them to the latest version of 6.

Or you could download the latest version of java, create a silent install package and push it to all machines. Then you'd be able to use patch managment to update Java as new versions continue to come out. 

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You have a policy to push out the software, and you're "waiting" for the client to get it?

1) is the client IN the target for the policy?

2) did you update the client to check for new policies and did the client GET new policies? (Update button under the configuration section of the Symantec Management Agent Settings (right-click task tray icon))

You can actually check the client policy file to see if the policy was received.  You can also double-click the agent in the system tray to see if there's a package that's trying to install (or right-click the tray icon and select Symantec Management Agent(SMA), then on the far-left tab called "Software Delivery"(SWD)).  It's possible it's trying to install, and failing.  This SMA properties and SWD tab often shows us what's going on.  There are check-boxes on the left - mark them all except the bottom one (blocks communication - not good) to unhide all the stuff going on, and see if one is yours and if it's running.

Anyway, that's a start.  OR open a case with the Software Delivery team.  But I'd get started with this stuff first IMO.

Thomas Baird
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