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Altiris Deployment 32bit Console

Created: 15 Apr 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments


I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on this small but very annoying problem im having :)

I currently have Deployment Solution 6.8 sp2 installed on a windows 2003 server with NS

I currently access the Deployment Console via RDPing into the server.

I would like to provide access to my 2 SOE building staff via the Deployment Console installed locally on their windows XP Pro machines. As I dont want them RDPing into the server.

Can some please explain how this can be achived.
- Do i need to push the console to them via the Deployment console.
- Is there a 32 bit installer, if so whats it name.

I tried running "Altiris_DeploymentSolution_6_9.exe" which I downloaded from serioussam's site but it just closes after extracting. I think it looks to see if NS is installed on the machine and if not it just closes.

Thanks for any help in advace.
Nick Amiradaki

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There's a KB article on how to take care of that. You can find the information here. You'll want to be aware however it won't respond as well when they use it like this instead of using RDP.

- Matt

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Make sure when you log into your server via RDP you are logging in as ID0 (mstsc /console)


Chris Bashlor