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Altiris Deployment Console : Deploy Anywhere Task Error

Created: 25 Jun 2013 | 1 comment

Dear Forum,

I'm having an issue with the Deploy Anywhere task in the Deployment Console.

I'm using the v.6.9 Deployment Console and I'm having a master image to deploy Windows 7 Image on computers. As one of our computer is really specific (SAS Disk Controller not recognize), we need to use Deploy Anywhere to make it bootable.

But sometimes, indeed it's not everytime we made the image, the job is just crashing giving us the following error message :

Deploy Anywhere Error.PNG

Just making a right clic "Retry Task..." is solving the problem.
The fact is that I'm about to make a massive computer creation and I can't stay around the Console to "right-clic-Retry-Task" every single computer I'm creating.

Is there any chance someone has been facing this and will give me :
* an easy solution to apply.
* the error code to enter to create an automatic "Return code and Rip replace options" that will make the job to retry itself when stucked.
* why deploy anywhere is not able to work everytime ?

Many thanks.


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We never used DA for some reasons, but an alternative is to use a simple VBS (see attached) to detect the product and copy the respective driver set. The also attached script task to be run on the client is being executed to copy over the driver set.

What we do require for that is a folder structure on the server like i.e.:

\\DSSERVER\eXpress\DRVREP\Win7\ and underneath that

  1. HP
  2. Lenovo
  3. Whatever

Under each of these folders is a seperate folder named like the product, which you can grab by running wmic csproduct on the specific client. That will return you information like i.e.:

  • HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT
  • ThinkPad T430s
  • OptiPlex XE

What I consider nice here is that i do never get conflicts with drivers and can also update any driver for a specific hardware platform.

Maybe this is of some help?


Product-detection-and-driver-copy-process.txt 1.8 KB
DS Script task.txt 1.68 KB