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Altiris DS 7.1 not recognizing OS Types when capturing image

Created: 13 Feb 2013


I am having an issue imaging up workstations.

Machines are Win7 SP1 64 bit

I am using an Atiris boot disk (Actually USB drive)

My job is setup as follows:

*Run "Prepare for image capture"*  I have selected Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (X64).  Not rejoining the Domain and reboot to Automation (Though the Automation folder isn't on the computer at this time)

*Run "Create Image" Using Ghost with an image name (Image type is Disk Image)

*Run "Reboot to"  Reboots to production

We are running a KMS server to authenticate Windows 7 off ADS 

Everything runs fine and I have no issues running the job.  It creates the image just fine  BUT when I go to deploy the image it won't let me assign a key.  I downloaded and installed the "SMART captured images and OS type" report so I can look at what's going into the database and they are coming up as unknown OS type.

I have tried using "Current Key" in the prepare for image capture and I have typed in the License key provided by Microsoft for Windows 7 Enterprise neither works.

I have tried sysprepping manually before imaging up.  Not sysprepping.  Machine off the Domain.  Machine on the domain. Nothing works

I tried running the prepare for image capture as a seperate job and then capturing the image (Both tasks/jobs said they completed succesfully).  Didn't work

The ONLY thing that works is to manually import the image after I capture it (At which point the image now has the correct OS type) but this isn't a work around that apeals to my boss AT ALL (Plus I have to go thru the rigamarole of importing the image and then going thru and deleting the original image)

Any other ideas or input would be GREATLY apprecaited