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Altiris newbie - creating a new pxe boot option

Created: 12 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

I inherited Altiris DS 6.8.  I can boot to winpe and create and push images.  I have older boot options, such as KillDisk Dos 4.0.  Where I am struggling is create a new winpe boot option in pxe utility configuration with KillDisk 6.0 Pro for Win.  It asks for the bootable floppy but KillDisk 6.o is too big.  I have an option to create a bootable floppy and ISO for killdisk but not sure how I would add that to my new boot option without having a floppy.  Is there any documentation on maually editing a new boot option to add the files to run KillDisk?


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I'm way rusty in 6.9 but look for the Boot Disk Creator executables.  There's a subfolder called OEM.  Under there, there should be something like DS\WinPE2\x86 or something - one for each architecture.  Under that, there's a BASE folder with a bat file in it you can edit to call your utilities if they need to be initialized.  Under that is a Program files folder which is compiled into the PE images we make.  You can drop applications into here and they'll be compiled into PE next time you build something.

As I said, it's been a long time, so you may have to experiment with the folder structure (I may be wrong) but it's there.  Look for it, and you'll probably find our applications there too (DAgent).

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