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Altiris Package Server Retrieving snapshot.xml's slowly

Created: 31 Jul 2013 | 3 comments


I have a brand new server Altiris 6.9 Package Server (Win2008R2 Std) setup to use IIS and UNC on some higher end equipment. I staged all the packages in the package delivery folder accoding to the HOWTO3726 KB article. The only thing left to do is to have the server download all the snapshot.xml files from the local PS or main NS.


Unfortunately the snapshot.xml files are downloading extreemly slow, and appear to be doing so one at a time. Over the past 24 hours, only about 1000 out of 8000 snapshot files have churned down to the new local package server. There are no errors in the log, it just looks like it is processing very slowly in a serial fashion. There are no permission issues and I can confirm that it is only downloading the snapshot.xml, and other xml's (log.xml, package.xml..).


  • Altiris Log viewer: No hard errors. Frequently messages for a soft error "Error while downloading package: Server is busy. Package sources request is backing off (-2147467259)". It appears Altiris is only letting 1 package download at a time in serial.. which is happening but very slowly.
  • Task Manager: Server is practically idling 5% processor & 10% memory usage, 1 Gbps connection 0 - 1% usage
  • IIS Server Log: No errors
  • Win Event Log: Nothing useful
  • Bandwidth throttling is disabled
  • Main NS has some load and it is streaming packages without issues.
  • Local PS has light load and is streaming packages without issues to clients.

Is there anything I can do to speed up this process of the snapshot.xml downloads or look at for clues?

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HighTower's picture

What happens when you open the SMA agent on the Package Server itself and uncheck "enable bandwidth control" under Options?

If your packages start flying then you've set up a restrictive bandwidth throttling rule under Settings > All Settings > Settings > Agents/Plug-Ins > Symantec Management Agent > Settings > "Symantec Management Agent Settings - Targetted".

Or, you may have some network QoS rules in place that is restricting the file movement.

Also to note, Packages synchronize smallest to largest and they do so one at a time (serial).

Dave Smith 3's picture

Bandwidth control is already verified to be disabled and QoS is not in place.

Dave Smith 3's picture

This issue is persisting even over the weekend with a low load over a gigabit infrastructure and averaging about 1000 package snapshots being sync'ed a day.

Did anyone have anything else I should look at?