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Altiris randomly reconfiguring computers and taking them off our domain

Created: 16 Mar 2010 | 7 comments

We are running Altiris Deployment Console version 6.9 and having a strange but frustrating problem with laptops that will reconfigure themselves resulting in the end user not being able to log on to our domain. It will rename the computer and take it off the domain for no apparent reason. Some it happens more than once even after fixing them.

The laptops are HP6730B's  and we have Windows XP sp3 OS installed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Had the same thing happen to 2 desktops they just went off the domain into a workgroup no trace of anyone touching them to take them off the domain.  It just happened.

Anyone else see this issue?

I have no fix just rejoined them to the domain and watching

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Do you have something like deepfreeze installed which is reverting it back to the previous state? 

On a sidenote, we had something similar happen years ago with DS 6.8.  We tried to multicast an image to the entire campus and for some reason, the machines never rejoined the domain and changed all of the computer names to a random string value...

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No Deep Freeze or any other software that would result in such behavior.

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when deploying the DAgent on XP systems, so I generally stick to the Aclient for XP systems. I believe this was a known issue, but I'm not seeing it.

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I just upgraded to DS 6.9 SP4.  I disabled the auto upgrade during the update and picked about 15 computers XP and Win7(x64) to test the agent on.  Out of those 15, 5 Windows XP computers rebooted and disjoined the domain a few hours after the update.  I am using the dagent version 6.9.453.  We have been using the dagent on all our deployments since it was introduced and I have never seen an issue.

Does anyone have any information on this reboot issue?  Is it only present on the dagent version 6.9.453? 

Thank you,


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In the Distribute Disk Image job in the configuration section you need to make sure the box is no checked for "Automatically perform configuration task after completing this imaging task".

That option will use the configuration that the PC is created with in DS.  The default is the PC is in the workgroup called "workgroup".  So when the PC reboots and connects back to the DS server it'll add it to the workgroup named "workgroup".