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Created: 12 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

I have spent most of the day trying to work out the reports system in Altiris v7.1 just to create a list of computers with a specific amount of installed RAM. I can get the column for RAM to display but cannot work out how to actually get the content to display. I have even tried in the management concole to create a custom filter that actually shows installed RAM but ti doesn't pick up any computers once I enter a value. I can't believe how difficult this has been made and the reports system is like a labirynth!!!

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It's always a tricky trade off between simplicity and power.

Try starting with [Reports > Discovery and Inventory > Inventory > Cross Platform > Hardware > Memory >] Memory Configuration by Computer. Right-click and Clone it if you want to edit it.

It a shame, however, that Altiris don't use their own Report Builder more so we can see how it's supposed to be used.

You could also try IT Analytics for custom report writing, there's a few articles on Connect about using it.

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My guess is you've not run a full inventory.  For instance, if I use the report that was mentioned by Andy, I get no results.  Of course, I've not enabled my full inventory policies either, so that makes sense, because I've not queried any of my systems for RAM and the tables are empty.


For a simple report, look at the inventory you have through Resource Explorer.  It's broken down into the table names where it's stored, and that makes generating your own SQL to find that information pretty simple.  I use that all the time to build quick and simple reports.

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Another way to find the RAM on a machine is if you have the IT Analytics portion of 7.x you can go to the Reports, then IT Analytics folder then Cubes, then Computers.  In the pivot tavble list select and drag the "Computer Name" entry and drop it in the Row field section all the way to the left then drag and drop the "Physical Memory Capacity GB" in the box that says Drop Totals or Detail Fields Here section.  That report would take you about 30 seconds to put together and have instant results.