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Altiris server management suite and servicedesk

Created: 26 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

what will happen if I install and run sql server 2008, Altiris server management with smp / ns and servicedesk in a single server because there is no server available. I managed to install with no errors, and able to open the application.


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From Symantec perspective, it is not a supported environment :)

Installation does have a couple small things that try to prevent this, plus you have to be careful with the configuration but as is also obvious from your post, it can be done.

The problem you will have (moreso if the SQL Server is also on-box) is performance. In a production environment SMP/SMS is quite aggressive on SQL and ServiceDesk is usually even more aggressive.

Depending on configuration and usage, performance on SMS/SD side (various Altiris and Workflow services, plus IIS) will also be a problem.

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As toomas already sais: It's not supported by Symantec, so you should not use such configuration in production, if you want to get support.

Anyway technically it's working; many of our test VMs run with such configuration, but you might run into issues whenever you are trying to upgrade your SMP or your Servicedesk.
Main reason for issues is that the SMP actually includes and installs a Workflow server on the SMP itself. So whenever you add ServiceDesk on the SMP server, you need to know how to handle the already existing installation. If you upgrade your SMP you might run into compatibility issues between the Workflow Server which comes with SMP and the one which you deployed via the ServiceDesk installation.