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Altiris Software Update Agent not updating

Created: 04 Oct 2013 • Updated: 04 Oct 2013 | 5 comments

I was having issues with a windows update not reporting properly in remediation center, and support noticed I'm not running the latest Software Update agent on any of my clients. Sure enough my upgrade policy has most of my clients in it & I just never noticed.

I can't figure out why the clients aren't upgrading (the ones that are part of the policy).  Updating client config doesn't do anything.

I tried turning the policy off/on and changing from a scheduled window to a scheduled time, turning 'run once ASAP' off / on and still no joy.  I've never had a policy that machines were scoped to that didn't run.

Any suggestions?  I'm continuning to work with support but wondered if anyone here had any ideas. I'm 7.1 sp1 mp1.

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Nevermind cloning the policy seemed to do the trick!

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The problem with cloning these Software Update Policies is that Patch Management has some dependencies upon the original and they can stop working later on.

Our recommendation when this occurs is to make sure that RunOnceASAP is Disabled and to use a schedule. The RunOnceASAP will prevent the policy from updating on the clients and seeing any changes to the state of the Update Policy. This way you do not run into a problem with the Patch Management Solution requirements looking for the original Update Policy.

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I appreciate the response, but I've heard so many conflicting best practices from Symantec it's hard to know what's right to do.

I've always been told to make sure to clone the the original policies in case you screw something up you have something to go back to.

Just today talking to support they told me to make sure "run once ASAP" was checked (but everyone else I've ever talked to said not to check that).

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I've heard that the Patch plug-in policies shouldn't be cloned:

"Patch Management Plug-in fails to rollout."

I tend nowadays not to clone stuff but keep a back up server somewhere to recover. There was the issue of cloned default Inventory policies not reflecting in Resource Manager and I suspect there's more.

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And if you're not supposed to clone the Patch Plug-In Policy how in the world are you supposed to assign different agent behaviors or schedules to different groups of computers?

Edit:  I know the linked article speaks of the agent install/upgrade policies... I was speaking more of the Software Update Plug-In Policy (sigh).