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Altiris Useful Reports.

Created: 08 Jul 2014 | 3 comments
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Hi Pals,

I would just like to know the useful reports based on using the product... Not saying that others are not useful... Just like to get inputs..

Reports specifically for Software Management, PCAnywhere, Inventory Solution, and Deployment Solution.

Thank you!

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Appreciate your quick response. However I am not looking for the list of reports..

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The main one I recommend people run weekly is [Reports > Software Delivery] "Execution Attempts" and check for unexpected failures.

You should check on Patch compliance by running [Reports > Software > Patch Management > Compliance >] "Windows Compliance by Bulletin".

Monthly you should run [Reports > Run Reports > Notification Server Management > Server >] "Event Queue Statistics" to check the event queue is being cleared in good time.

Plug-in rollouts I tend to check by looking at the number left in the Target of the rollout policy -  any significant problems should manifest themselves in the "Execution Attempts" report, the same with Patch rollouts and software compliance.

These are easiest to manipulate in Excel by Saving As > Spreadsheet and using Filter and Sort.

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