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Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

I am having issues getting my servers to consistently alert me when there are event viewe alerts.  It seems to work, and then not, and there dose not seem be much consistancy. 

Funny thing is, some servers work better than others.  Here is the Agents and plugins from a working one...

And this one seems to be failing pretty consistently...

Also, I am pretty sure I don't need that Deployment Solution Plug in on my FileServer? 

How do I remove it?

Is there any difference between the two screen shots that would keep my monitoring from working as expected?  Both Server are simple File and Print servers, and that is it....

Thanks for Looking .....

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The monitor agent plugin on the one that doesn't consistently work is an older version than the one that consistently works.  Enable the monitor agent upgrade policy to get that fixed.  That could explain the difference between them.

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Check your plug-in install/upgrade policy and their targets ...

you can modify for each targets and exclude server os for plug -ins you don't want to get deployed on server like Deployment Solution Plug-in ...


Prasanna R

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Can not figure out how to create a new topic. Post it here :

Can Altiris agent 7.0 be pushed out through console to Solaris 10 system with only global zone?

I only see notes/articals on global zone with local zones system, but not just global zone with no local zones.

Thank you.