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Altisris 6.9 SP2 WinCE image configuration scripts

Created: 23 May 2013


I´m new to altiris and needs some advise. I have a customer that is using Altiris for deploying HP thin clients T5520, T5530, T5540 win WinCE. They are now faceing a problem with T5540 model and the WinCE version they use. Serial communication does not work in version 6.01.620 model is T5540. 

When deploying wince images the system is configured using PXE and also a boot menu where you can choose country to get the correct image. I can see that a network mapping is created and pointing to DS server installation directory. All images is stored here and i guess the configuration files too.

So now to my problem. When doing new image with latest version of HP WinCE 6.05.656 with all the settings needed there must be a script or something running after deployment that sets serial port unchecked in controlpanel and maybe some other stuff happens hostname and new generated SID:

A white screen (some kind of log window) is autostarting after deployment with info:

Pocket CMD V 4.00

CE_Temp successfully mapped to \\dsserver\Express

Copied 1 Files(s)

Copied 1 Files (s)

\\dsserver\express was deleted successfully

WinBios Spec Version 96

HP RepSet Utility fo CE. Version 2.01.002

Copyright bla bla bla

Then the machine reboots and the setting in controlpanel for serial port is disabled.

When doing comparision in settings with help of export funtion under system in wince i found theese setting in registry change.





Is there a standard path where this configuration comes from? How should i control this?


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