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Altrinsic DX over HIIS

Created: 08 Aug 2012

Has anyone used both Altrinsic's Hardware Independent Imaging Solution (HIIS) and their new Deploy Expert (DX) release for SMP?  Our HIIS maintenance renewal is coming up and I'm trying to decide whether DX is really worth it or not.  Altrinsic Tech Support's been great although I've had issues in the past on my Altiris 6 server where even they couldn't figure out what's going on.  Also, HIIS requires more maintenance than I thought it would (e.g. periodically having to associate app repository drivers to classes, exclude the SoundMax HD drivers from all classes due to a known issue, go through MSD Selections for applicability to base images, etc.).  I'd appreciate any feedback you may have on whether DX is significantly better than HIIS or not.  Thanks in advance!