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Always i have to activate license win 7 gss 2.5

Created: 02 Oct 2012 | 1 comment


I have several hp z400 workstation with Windows vista. We can upgrade from vista to win7 when appear this new operating system thanks to campaign of microsoft to upgrade.

Now we install win 7 and activate with a serial, then clone to usb hardisk with gss 2.5 client and when we restore image to another machines z400 we always have to activate win 7 by phone.

Any idea?


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This is by (Microsoft) design to reduce piracy.

If you are not using a Volume MAK key, or a KMS server, then Windows 7 will automatically deactivate when it finds itself on a different machine, even if it is on an identical model, as it checks things like the bios serial number and ethernet MAC address which are system unique.

If you are activating with the same serial each time, and it's not a volume license, then this gets flagged to Microsoft as a piracy concern so you then have to activate by phone.

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