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Any EV option to remove or ignore specific problem messages?

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 06 Mar 2013 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there,

One of our users sent a message to several thousand other users. Archiving that message is causing problems, swelling the A5 queues (1000 entries) and delaying the auto-archiving. Yesterday we followed the steps in technote 68553 and added a RecipientMax=0xFFFFFFFF registry key but it hasn't helped a lot.

We're debating running exmerge to remove the problem message but are there any other alternatives in EV please, to either remove or ignore the specific message during auto archiving? Setting the EV option to not archive failed messages didn't help at all.

Outlook 2007 SP3 on EV904 server, mainly Exchange 2003. 


- Alan.

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JesusWept3's picture

Whats the actual messages that are slowing things down?
do you have any events? and is there any evidence other than A5 that things arent processing correctly?

A5 is just a list of mailboxes to queue and its not uncommon for there to be many entries at the end of the schedule

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The problem is that very little auto archiving is taking place since the message was sent and user mailboxes are becoming full. We doubled the auto archiving window to no avail.

We have hundreds of the the three error events mentioned in technote 68553.

The user selected everyone in our GAL, put them in the TO field and sent the message. The text is only a few lines long with not attachments but the message is 2MB because of the 5000 people in the recipient list. 

The A5 is growing every night, nearly 1000 on each server's queue now. They all have the same timestamp, early in the archiving window.

Manual archiving is working fine.


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OK what version of outlook are you using?
And the reg key was applied to HKCU whilst logged on as the EVAdmin right?
I've seen sometimes when people are logged in with their own account and add it to HKCU, and it wont apply because its being run under a different users context

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Outlook 2007 SP3. No GPO. As it's SP3, we didn't install the hotfix but just added the registry key, as per the technote. 

Yes, we always logon as the EV admin. EV is running on a W2K3 cluster but the registry is not clustered.

Didn't restart EV afterwards.

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did you at least restart the task?

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Err, no. The tech note didn't mention that. But the server restarted today so maybe tonight will have a better result. Thx.

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Well today the errors are gone from the event viewer, so maybe a restart was needed.

The A5 queues have diminished but there are still about 500 in each. Do these relate to individual mailboxes or messages? We had advice that the A5 queue should be completely empty.

We still have the impression that auto archiving isn't taking place as much as before. We have a 30 day/30% free age+quota policy. Which Exchange quota limit is used as reference for the 30% free - "issue warning", "prohibit send" or "prohibit send and receive" please?


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A1 = post process item from pending to shortcut
A2 = process item
A3 = process mailbox (run now)
A4 = synchronize mailbox (run now)
A5 = process mailbox (scheduled task)
A6 = moved item processing
A7 = synchronize mailbox (scheduled)

As for quota it does by prohibit receive first and if that doesn't exist, prohibit send

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Well thanks, the a5 queue suddenly dropped to almost zero after a few nights. I guess it managed to finally time out on the problem message.