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Any problems with deleting an IP address alias in NetBackup 7.5 EMM

Created: 24 Mar 2014 • Updated: 09 Apr 2014 | 3 comments
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I've found out that one of the three aliases in our NetBackup 7.5 EMM for our master server is the IP address of the master server. The other two entries are the shortname and FQDN for the master server. We have a need to change the IP address of the master server, and I'm concerned that if I delete the IP address alias from EMM, that I'll break something. What, if anything, could be tied to the IP address alias of the master server in EMM? Best practice, and common sense, dictate that you shouldn't have an IP address listed as an alias for a master server in EMM, and only have the hostname (shortname and FQDN). This makes an IP address change of the master server a "no-issue" since DNS should always be used to resolve hostnames. Would the IP address have been added during an upgrade process and just not cleaned up, or would someone have to manually enter the IP address alias into EMM? Any help you can provide will be appreciated.


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As long as you don't change the Host Name of the Master server, you can change the IP address. 

Follow this procedure found here:

  • Shutdown all media servers
  • Stop NBU services on Master
  • Change IP address on Master
  • Update DNS to reflect new IP address with Master Server name
  • Re-boot Master Server
  • Restart all media servers

Also review the About troubleshooting networks and hostnames secion of the 7.5 trouble shooting guide (DOC5180)

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So, the fact that I have an IP address alias in the EMM database has no bearing on any sort of functionality in NetBackup? I'm just being cautious. I've read around that changing the IP address of the master server is not trivial and should be handled by paid Symantec consultants. Is it safe to assume that NetBackup is using the hostname of the master server, and not its IP address when writing tapes, connecting to media servers, NDMP clients, and other standard clients? We are only planning on changing the IP address, not the hostname. I'm assuming a hostname change is really a much bigger deal. Does it also make sense to delete the IP alias from EMM?

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Actually changing the hostname is what requires paid Symantec Consultants (See TECH31385

EMM should not contain IP address as aliases, so please remove them if you have some. NetBackup does not work at an IP level. It works at a hostname level and lets the OS do the translation to IP.

Also when you have changed the IP and modified DNS, you can also run bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache,  this option will remove all the entries in the NetBackup on-disk host cache that resides on the file system. See TECH136792