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Any PXE experts out there??

Created: 02 Dec 2011 • Updated: 02 Dec 2011 | 1 comment

I have setup my DS 7.1 PXE environment using "Forced Mode" where DHCP provides details to the client as to where the PXE server is and how to use it.  This was done using DHCP options 43, 60, 66, 67.  My 67 option (Bootfile Name) is set to BStrap\x86pc\BStrap.0.

My question for PXE experts out there, is there anyway to boot directly to a specific WinPE environment by altering option 67 to bypass "Automation Processing" and send any computer that performs a PXE boot to a specific WinPE build?  My WinPE build has a WinPE2.0 (WinPE2 is the name I gave it) file so I tried: WinPE2\x86PC\WinPE2.0 for option 67 but that doesn't  work.  My goal is to boot the SBS\Images\WinPE2\x86PC\sources\boot.wim WinPE build directly.

Anyone know if this is possible?

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yes and no :) you probably want to implement the MS solution to PXE boot to a specific WINPE option. However, you could accomplish something similar by enabling PXE SBS unknown computers feature, by doing so it will PXE boot unknown computers into a PXE image that is configured along the feature.