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Any Update on PGP Support for BB10?

Created: 22 Apr 2013 | 2 comments


Is there any update on when PGP support for BB10 will be functional?

I am aware of the "feature request" ( But this is hardly a feature, more core functionality. 

A Symantec employee previously said that "the current PGP Support Package for Blackberry is fully developed by RIM, based on the PGP Crypto SDK and already integrated into their handheld OS image. The application delivered by Symantec after purchase is only enabling the functionality." ( Has this changed with BB10 and should we therefore expect a long wait time?

Any comments or updates would be much appreciated.


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When any update information are received symantec will be update this artical.

You may be ask Symantec customer support .It's will be provided latest update

Feature Request: PGP Support Package for BlackBerry 10 Devices
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Here is an update for those interested, I discovered why Symantec have not been forthcoming:

PGP Support for Blackberry 10 is not even on the current Symantec Road Map for PGP.

In previous versions Symantec provided the necessary code to RIM, who then baked it into their Blackberry OS. This provided seamless functionality, ability to deploy policies and centrally control encryption security rules, this has not happened in BB10. The unofficial comment from our Symantec contact was that due to Blackberry's decline in market share Symantec have decided to make the investment in producing the code and working so closely with Blackberry. Basically, they are waiting to see how BB10 is received and will then make a decision if they should work to implement it. Even if this situation arises and they do develop it, it will not be as integrated as it was with the previous OS, it will be application based (like their PGP solutions for iPhone and Android). These are not great as my understanding is that these Apps have limited functionality on the OS and therefore cannot be used to enforce policies.