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Any way to recover 5220 folder contents

Created: 04 Apr 2013 • Updated: 09 May 2013 | 5 comments
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I've been a very sill boy and somehow have managed to run an "rm -r *" within the /disk/databases/catalog/2 folder on my DR appliance.

Not being a Linux guy is there anyway to recover this or have I stuffed it up.

Your (very) stoopidly!


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Nope. Unix/Linux does not have an 'undelete'.

Hopefully one of our Appliance Experts (like Mark) will be along soon to tell us if this folder is included in a normal Catalog backup.

Please tell us you DO have a catalog backup?

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Thanks, Yes I do. I may just try a catalog restore now as its up to date image wise and was taken prior to the delete.

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OOPS! - Sorry - not a catalog backup location - this is the PureDisk catlog - it is your PureDisk data!

I don't know of anyway to recover this - it would be a UNIX thing - if nothing has run since you may be able to find a Unix tool that does "un-delete" like you get for Windows - but honestly don't know of anything within the appliance that will help you out here.

Probably best to log a call with Symantec as the system will need some "maintenance" now as it will be a little messed up within its PureDisk catalogs

Sorry I couldn't be more positive

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Thanks Mark and Marianne, yep its knackered! Though all last nights backups that were replicated over are restorable (or at least the subset that I've tested!) so does look like i've only ruined the recoverability of those prior images rather than stuffing the whole MSDP instance. Albeit 220TB worth!!

Luckily we are still writing out to tape as well so the impact isn't too costly..

Lesson for me ...Retain concentration when arrowing up through previous commands!!

Think you're right though, I will raise a support case to be on safe side.



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I am not sure the MSDP will survive a reboot. If you delete a file that opened by a process and do a rm, the file will disappear from the file system but the inode (file) will remain active until ..... yes you reboot the system or the file is closed by the process.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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