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Any way to retrieve BackupExec job status/list of jobs?

Created: 10 May 2013 | 3 comments

Hey all,

is there any way (API, SNMP, etc.) to retrieve a job status, list of jobs currently running? I want like to get this data and use it on a html/php site.

Thanks in advance for you answer.

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Hello there,

    I am afraid there is nothing like the one you are asking for. Job status can only be viewed in Job Monitor window (for BE 2010 and below) and in Job View window (BE 2012).



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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If you are using BE 2012, then you can use the BEMCLI cmdlet, Get-BEJob to retrieve job info.

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Humm, I saw a application (spiceworks) which can retrieve the job data.

So there must be an interface/connector?