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Any way to run a policy with a schedule of asap if scheduled time missed?

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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This was a common feature in Altiris 6.x  that appears to be missing, or I'm just missing where it is.

I would like to have a policy that is scheduled to run at say 3am, but then for machines that aren't powered on then have them run it as soon as they are powered on.  Is there anyway to do this?  

Also for a policy is there anyway to skip the compliance?

I created a custom inventory as a task and want to run it as a policy so vs a task, since I beleive tasks will eventually timeout if not run and am worried it will be missed on workstations.  If this is incorrect let me know as well and I'll just set it up as a scheduled task.

One issue I am seeing also related to policies is the inventory policies do not appear to be running on machines so not sure if they are working properly at all, I saw another thread relating to this so just have to dig through that a little bit myself.

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Just add another at 00:00 "No Repeat" and it will either run ASAP or the next schedule which you have as 3am repeat every day.

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so if I have 00:00 no repeat and 03:00 daily it will run asap and 3am.

So after the first time the asap runs and it waits a couple days and is powered off at 3 will it then run at 5am if it poweres up then?

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I think im seeing why this is not running as I expect. 

I have my policy set to run a task, Since it is a policy it has a compliancy schedule check, the task once it ran shows compliant, even though there isn't really any way for it to check compliance, it must just determine since it ran once its compliant. 

The new compliancy check in 7.x is great for many things but if I just simply want somethign to run every day regardless it doesn't seem that easy to do. Any suggestions?

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You could use Task Server and create a client job or client task that runs daily at 3am.  Then, you can extend the timeout so that if a machine is off, it will get it and run it as soon as possible.

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Where do I extend the timeout?  I know the setting for the task has "end task after" and I can set that, is this the overall task timeout, or I was thinking it was if the task was running for x time then kill it.

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Create a Software Release with your task in that as a batch file or simple CMD /C "command.exe".

Have no detection check and it will run on the schedule you set.

With no compliance check (detection rule) I thought even Policies with Tasks ran to the schedule.

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Ah, sorry missed that you wanted to run a custom inventory, I just read policy ;)

What kind of custom inventory are you setting up?

I would say Andrew's suggestion is the right way to go.