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Any way to share an nfs mount from Netbackup appliances?

Created: 03 Jul 2013 | 2 comments
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A customer who was moving to a Netbackup 5230 from a Solaris Media server asked me if it's possible to create a share from the dedupe or advanced disk pool on the Appliance. The idea is to copy data directly to an nfs share on the media server to be backed up. The other question was if the 5230 could mount an nfs export from a nas locally and backup it up instead of having a client perform the mount.


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To answer your second question first, yes, you can mount an NFS mount location to the 5230 appliance and do the backup directly.  This functionality was implemented mainly for VMW vStorage API NAS datastore backups, but works just fine for general purposes as well, including NetBackup Accelerator backups of NAS shares.  You can mount NFS mount points through the CLISH by going to "Main Menu --> Storage --> MountPoints" to list, mount or unmount remote NFS mounts.  Attached is the syntax and options for the CLISH "Mount" command.

As for your first question of mounting a share provided by the 5230 as an NFS mount by a client and performing backup operations to that location, that is not a supported topology.  The 5230 does publish a couple different NFS mount points with key examples being the "logs" and "patch upload" shares when opened and I believe the "install" CIFS share is also available as an NFS mount (although admittedly I've never used it that way).

NFS mounting on v2.5.1 5220.PNG


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@ rob aronson, 

This is the most third query most customers come to Symc support! 

Chad is 100% correct!