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Anyone out there watching the MSS boards?

Created: 18 Oct 2011 | 1 comment

Figured I would test the waters a bit. I have stopped by on and off since we started using the Symantec MSS but this particular section of the boards hasn't had a lot of traffic. Quite frankly I just assume the boards weren't as open as they are.

I'm curious what other folks opinons are of the default reports and which you use or don't. We use some and have suggested tweaks to several. For example, the incident types by netblock reports starts with your registered netblocks and then figures out how many incidents were in them. Instead they should take your incidents and group them by your registered netblocks. This would highlight any incidents where you don't have a registered netblock so you can update your stuff....or maybe we are the only security shop who don't get updates from every corner of the organization smiley.

We have also requested a couple different custom reports for things like egress monitoring. Would be interested in getting a feel for the types and volume of custom report requests people have made.Obviously there is a level of concern with sharing things like that in such an open forum.


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Although this forum doesn't get as much traffic as some others, I think you'll find there are a few folks who will chime in.  Maybe one of the PMs will send you a private message and help identify more discretely what you're after.



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