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Anyone Remember How Fast Support Was When PGP Owned PGP

Created: 30 Jul 2012 | 5 comments

Look, this is ridiculous.  This is just an ongoing cat and mouse game with PGP WDE working and it not working.  My job REQUIRES that all info on my computer be encrypted using PGP (won't accept File Vault), so my new $3000+ MacBook Pro Retina display laptop is a brick.  Why does this always seem like PGP is not a priority for Symantec?  When PGP owned the company we never had these issues, and if there were ever any issues they were fixed in DAYS, not WEEKS or MONTHS.  I would think Symantec has a lot more money, manpower and resources than PGP ever had before the buy out, yet you guys fail miserably at what you do.  I'm going to be real frank here, your product support is absolute CRAP and your software guys should be fired.  It's amazing that you guys gloat about a "fix coming sometime in August" like you should be proud of yourselves.  It's only taken MONTHS, and that's if you even meet the deadline.  I've tried t call corporate so many times trying to get an American on the phone and not some call center in India so I can ask for a refund.  I think I am going to start a post asking for people to go in with me for a class action lawsuit.  We all paid for a product (some $100's, some $1000's) yet we have NOTHING tangible for it and every update Apple comes out with we start this vicious cycle all over.  I'm happy to loan you guys the $99 for a Dev acct with Apple so you can have access and make your adjustments in a timely manner.  I'd also like to you guys to stop blaming Apple!!!  THEY MAKE THE O/S THAT YOU BASE YOUR PRODUCT AROUND, YOU GUYS JUST PIGGYBACK OFF OF THEM AND MAKE 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE.  Should they personally consult with you prior to any updates being made?  Maybe you guys should try harder to work directly with someone on their development team and establish a better working relationship?  When your product fails, you leave a lot of people out in the cold, when will that become a more serious subject for you?

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I totally agree with you. This is why the best encryption softwarwe is open source.

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I agree.  It seems very silly.  I will say though it really could wait a month to buy a mac or update your software to Mountain Lion. 

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You're looking at the wrong place for blame unfortunately, you need to direct your anger to Cupertino.  Apple  are incredibly intransigent and closed when it comes to working with software developers, so Apple release their hardware/software and THEN give it to developers to make their software work with it.  It doesnt give any pre-release so the dev teams can test.  

How many times do you see on the App Store 1* ratings with "OMG THIS DOESNT WORK NEW VERSION BREAKS" well this is the exact same situation, just with a much more complex product and larger organisation.  It happened when it was just PGP, and it will continue to happen until Apple change their ways. 

This doesn't happen with Windows or Linux, only Mac.

Also, if you're considering class-action, you should actually read the terms & conditions of the software.  This isn't a forum to complain, this is for technical support.  You need to contact customer care if you want to complain.

Also, if your industry demands encryption, why buy brand new untested hardware?  

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Actually, I'm not looking at the wrong place.  I would think that companies that have millions invested in a OS could probably have a sit down and have a better working relationship

Also since you seem to be so knowledgable, maybe you can point me in the "Let's File a Class Action Section"?  No I didn't think so

Have you tried contacting customer care?  I'm not too fond of talking to someone in a 3rd world country that read their answers and quesions strictly from a script.  Maybe that's aceptable for you, not for me.

I buy new products because I want the best.  No different that anyone else.  Not to mention that the new products ramp up my proctivity.  

The final slap in your face will be this, why didn't PGP have these delays to get things running on new machines and OS's without it taking MONTHS?  They were able to do it, I guess they were just better at what they did or what they did was more important becasue it was the only area they focused on. Once Symantec took over all hell broke lose.  Make all the excuses you want, the product doesn't work.  And what's your answer when Apple only comes out with a software update, not new equipment and PGP still takes months to fix it?  I guess they don't have a developer account like everyone else right?

Thanks for all your crap you fed to me, hope I was able to explain some common sense to you.  I guess in the future I'll start planning me buying the newest Apple equipment based on PGP's schedule if I was to listen to you.  

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You don't seem to have much experience in technology if you think buying brand new products is a seemless and smooth transition.  There's a lot of reasons why enterprises still run on Windows XP.  But anyway, the reasons I've said to you are the reasons.  

It would have taken you 2 minutes to look to see if there were problems before going out to buy.  A WDE software isn't something to just "assume" will work.

PGP Currently doesn't support 4k drives which are the ones that come with the new Retina Macs:

Update due in August.

You do realise that Apple always make deep level code changes after developer seeds and gold seeds are given to Symantec?  And because even a slight change to an encrypted platform will throw the whole thing out of whack the results are even more severe than if it was just a normal piece of software.  A bug in an encrypted platform means the whole thing won't work. 

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