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Is there any benefit of selecting AOFO for Windows System States, SQL and Exchange Server Backups or it should be disabled for these kind of backups?


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AOFO is main advantage is used to backup of open file on computer using VSS so during the job if you are going to backup any open file please select the advanced open file option on. For exchange ,SQL backup you have specific agent like Exchange agent ,SQL agent to backup it so don't use AOFO for those backup.

For system state even if you use or don't use backupexec will do snapshot backup with help of VSS so you can use AOFO if you have 2 providers on that server that shadow copy and some h/w provider then while doing backup you can use AOFO

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AOFO works well until you need to restore DBs. SQL for instance doesn't allow you to do a redirected restore...a BIG problem when you want to restore a production SQL database to a test server.

I used AOFO in my jobs by splitting them up...AOFO used with files/System State etc; AOFO NOT used with DBs. Check my article below on how I did this:


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Well is there no way to restore SQL Backup to a test server. Suppose if my original server completely goes down or i need to change my server to a new server then what is the proper way?


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I had an issue doing a redirected restore of SQL when using AOFO. I turned it off, split my jobs up as per my article (this event resulted in the article!), and never had this issue again.

Redirected restores of SQL are possible though...

Your last question is something for an MS forum...

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Do not have OFO enabled when backing up Exchange 2003, it severely limits certain options used during restores (These are Microsoft limitaions against Exchange 2003 snapshot backups)