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AOFO or Not AOFO on Win server 2003 and above

Created: 15 Apr 2011 • Updated: 18 Apr 2011 | 6 comments
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Can anyone explain the difference of using (activate) AOFO for the jobs on servers running MS server 2003 - 2008r2

Is there any bennefits of activate AOFO?

In some cases people suggest "Enable AOFO" and the problem will be solved, but whats the difference when uing the operating systems above?

Other says that AOFO is compleatly unnessesary when running 2003 - 2008r2

could someone,once and for alll, explain this to me?! ;)



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Kiran Bandi's picture

Here is a nice Article about AOFO by BEsymc : 

Give a read... Hope that helps.


pkh's picture

From Server 2003 onwards, AOFO will use VSS to snapshot the volumes before they are backed up.  For Win 2000 Server, there is no VSS, so AOFO provides VSP which is from the Veritas days.  I have always activated AOFO because I have a Win 2000 server and it is necessary.  

Without AOFO, files that are opened during the backup will be skipped.

atos's picture

nice article, im still confused about one thing thought.

If a back up my file servers (or any other servers), 2003 and 2008, and doesn't select AOFO, will backup exec use the VSS provider anyway to back up the open files or will this result with that files that are open wont be backed up? 

in the article i think it says, if im translating it right, that:

In 2008 it does not mather if AOFO is enabled for the job or not, open files will be backed up.

Does that mean that i need to activate (not install) the AOFO for jobs thats holding win 2003 servers?

I just want to be sure of this.

Kiran Bandi's picture

For Windows 2008 server, VSS is always used by default. On which 2003 machines you want to use AOFO, it must be installed.

Also as mentined in Article, it is no more priced option from BE 12 onwards...


atos's picture

"On which 2003 machines you want to use AOFO, it must be installed"

sorry if im slow, but isnt it enough that i activate AOFO in the job for the 2003 servers, isnt VSS a part of Windows 2003 already?

whats the point of Installing the AOFO option then?


CraigV's picture's for Windows 2000 can install it if you want, but it isn't necessary.

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