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Created: 18 Sep 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 7 comments
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Hello all. I'm currently working at a client site, where they've got a substantial EV installation. One of the things I'm looking at, is automating the process of user enabling, and PST ingestions. We've got a bit of an ugly VBS hack script, to drive EVPM, but it's increasingly falling apart.


So what I'm looking at is a bit of a rewrite of that script, and ideally turning it into something ... well, a little more fully featured.


So, I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to where to start? First off is there an option for an API/SDK for interfacing to EV, without having to have a script, to write an ini file, and then call EVPM, which for our needs is suboptimal.


Ideally it'll be something I can hook in Perl, but I'm enough of a realist that I'm expecting to be working in VB/C# or similar...

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Hi Sobrique,


EVPM is typically invoked via scripts as you mentioned and there's not a programitic way w/o purchasing and licensing the SDK that would do what you want to do that I am personally aware of currently.


In a future version we plan to move to Windows PowerShell, which is more perl-like and we would welcome additional feedback / requests for EVPM functionalty to review for future releases.

Steve Blair

Principal Product Manager - Cloud Labs and Customer Feedback

Enterprise Security Group

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I've seen reference to an SDK, but haven't actually been able to find any further mention of how I'd go about getting hold of it. I don't suppose anyone would happen to have a link? And perhaps an indication of whether it's an 'Enterprise' pricing model (e.g. no chance I can persuade my boss to write a PO to help my script hacking) or a 'Developer' pricing model (e.g. can just weasel it into our support budget as something that'll improve our EV support team efficiency).


Personally I'm a big fan of Perl, but that's mostly because of a Unix background - it requires a bit of shoehorning to get that kind of thing onto the servers we run EV on. I mostly find VBS somewhat substandard for anything ... unusual. Although I'm looking at something a little more Windows centric for future purposes. Possibly something like c# or the .net framework.


I was actually looking at trying to hack together a perl module for easy EVPM ini file creation/manipulation, but thought I'd go a little more direct rather than trying to reinvent the wheel as a first pass :).

If there were an API call to enable a user, ingest a PST file, and query various status elements (primarily running processes/tasks, and querying a user - whether they're enabled, what vault store they're using etc.) would cover about 95% of what I'd want to do 'scripted' with EV.


And again, these can be mostly done by 'generic' EVPM ini files, and just search/replace 'key' text elements (which is more or less what we're doing), but ... well, that's suboptimal - things like EVPM running in the background on certain operations (e.g. ingestions) makes tracking the operation a case in catching all the various exception cases - sometimes a log file is generated, sometimes it isn't, and you have to parse the log file to tell what happened.


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The SDK isn't rich enough to allow you to do those kind of things.  There is a content management api(create archive, ingest item, etc etc) and a provisioning api (enable a mailbox) but nothing at the level's you are talking about.  Also the API is more based around using it from VB, C++,C# etc.


So you would be better with a program which generates EVPM script

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Ah thanks for that. Saves me going to the effort of getting hold of it, and finding that out :).

I don't mind working with a different language, but if it doesn't do what I'm needing... not much point really.


Well, maybe I'll start looking at how to do a evpm ini generator, and see if I can't start nagging Symantec for a 'proper' API :). Manual processing really does fall apart when you're working with 13,000 EV users, and another 30k or so to go :).

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Although having said that, most of what I'm trying to at the moment, is automate the process of enabling a user, and ingesting all their PSTs as they're migrated to a new Windows and mail account.


We've got scripting elements to detect what PSTs they have attached in outlook, and scanning a directory for others isn't too hard.


But what we're having problems with is just ... keeping the process of enabling/ingesting on track - we're keeping on hitting places where it didn't work, because path was too long, or because the files didn't finish copying, or that the user name was incorrect, that kind of thing, and because we're generating EVPM log files (and they're not _always_ generating, because there's some failure cases which don't) keeping track of what sort of failure occured, and handing off to the appropriate person to resolve is our challenge.


So from reading your message, it seems that the SDK can be used for the enable/ingest, and ... hopefully gives a quantity of feedback that EVPM would, but without me having to check STDOUT from evpm for one lot of errors, and playing 'hunt the logfile' to find out what actually happened. That would help me a great deal here.


We've got the process of detecting users PST files/username/mail account/mail server down, so can pass all the required information, but at the moment we're using multiple scripts that don't interlock very well - one generates us a list of the information, saves on a network drive.

One enables the user, and creates an ingestion ini (on one of about 10 different servers, depending on what user it is, and which mail server they're on).

One 'runs' the ingestion inis, and traps/parses logs for what happened.


It's the latter that breaks down somewhat though, because with a load of different servers, and log files that are sometimes created, sometimes not, it's very difficult to keep track of the hundred or so users a day we're enabling/ingesting.

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Anybody can provide a link or source or information on how to get the API for Symantec EV?

Whether this API can used from other platforms like Apple's Macintosh?


Thank you in advance.

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If you are working at an SI/ISV, you would need to join the STEP Programme (Symantec Technology Enabled Partner) to gain access to them. Details on STEP (which has various levels of membership) are located here:


They can put you in touch with our dedicated Partner Product Manager who manages relationships and integrations after you join.



Steve Blair

Principal Product Manager - Cloud Labs and Customer Feedback

Enterprise Security Group