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Apliance deduplication and netbackup

Created: 08 Feb 2013 • Updated: 08 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

I would like to ask or make a clear (in my head) some stuffs about deduplication. Last week I was softly studying deduplication options and possibilities.(from netbackup manuals)

As I know now, there can be deduplication on Media server side or on the client side. There is also disk appliance deduplication which I’m looking for..

Reason why disk appliance “dedu” is quite simple. We have netbackup environment with disk kind of storage. Storage is situated on Netapp filers.

Little problem is with connection between netbackup environment and Netapp filers, there is only NFS mount possibility.

So I mounted exported shares from the filer on media server. (I’ve created also storage server and advance disk pool, but it is not so useful how it would be, because disk spinning is not working over NFS)

Anyway, I have little problem with storage space so we decided to look after dedu..

So I found out that dedu over MeS is not possible if your storage is mounted NFS…

Client side dedu also not possible in this case…(customer machines have domino databases and those machines are quite overloaded)

Last chance was disk appliance dedu. As I understood you need install OpenStorage server with vendor plug-in (basically said it should be Nettap filer with some kind of plug-in which I don’t understand what it is doing. I’ve searched Netapp wepage and I found something like SnapVault..or this: it is it ?

I know I should ask this Netapp guys..but I don’t need de replication and Snapshot technology and those things..I need only simple dedu over NFS ports..

So I spoke with netapp guys and they are able to make dedu on Netapp side (file based dedu..dont realy know what's meaning that). I just simply mount over NFS exported share, add basic disk storage unit and make there some backups. After that filer deduplicate the data…no plug-in, no OpenStorage…

Deduplicated data (from filer side) are simple *.img, *.info files which are created b netbackup (image files).This is what I found about it:


NetApp deduplication is an integral part of the NetApp Data ONTAP® operating environment and the WAFL® file system, which manages all data on NetApp storage systems. Deduplication works "behind the scenes," regardless of what applications you run or how you access data, and its overhead is low.

NetApp deduplication improves efficiency by locating identical blocks of data and replacing them with references to a single shared block after performing a byte-level verification check. This technique reduces storage capacity requirements by eliminating redundant blocks of data that reside

in the same volume or LUN.


Quistion is, is that save?...could be happen that I can’t restore/recover such deduplicated data (specially Lotus domino data take by lotus policy)

What is a difference between such kind of dedu and dedu over disk appliance plug-in?

Thanks a lot in advance for your comemnts and suggestions !

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As NetApp stated, A-SIS deduplication can work regardless of applications that uses A-SIS volumes. You can restore from backup images sit on A-SIS volume.

What is a difference between such kind of dedu and dedu over disk appliance plug-in?

A-SIS deduplication works in schedule basis, and does not process it inline. You need more space in volume than inline deduplication.

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Please speak to your Symantec reseller as well. You may want to consider NetBackup Appliances? 
NBU appliances support client-side dedupe.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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