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Append additional backups to a removable disk

Created: 18 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

I"m using BE 2010 on a Windos 2011 SBS server (Windows 2008).  I'm using a USB disk to do periodic Archive backups.  The disk has the capacity to hold serveral of these archive backups.  The first backup to the disk goes fine but when I try to add an additional backup to the disk I get the error "e0000f16 - The operation failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media needed.".

I have created a media set named Archive and have the overwrite protection period set to 1 hour and the append period set to 1 hour.  The Archive backup job uses that Archive media set.

What do I have to do to make this backup disk appendable?



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AmolB's picture

In the backup job properties check what option is selected when the backup job begins.


bill dunn's picture

Thanks for your suggestion.  I did have Append to media selected.  I ended up creating 4 folders on the USB drive, creating a backup-to-disk for each of those folder and will manully select the destination when I want to do a backup to this disk.

Colin Weaver's picture

As you stated USB disk did you set it up as Removable B2D or a standard one?

Reason for qustion is that despite a USB disk being phycially removable you should set them up as a standard B2D device in Backup Exec 2010 (Removable B2D applied to carridge based removable disks such as RDX)

bill dunn's picture

Thank you for your suggestion.  I was using standard B2D.  I ended up creating 4 folders, a B2D for each folder and will manually select which B2D when I want to use this disk.