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Append Period and Overwrite Protection Period

Created: 14 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

we have a very critical server and we want to take full and incremental backups regularly

Total Full backup size  400GB

Incremental would be - 15GB a day

i would like to reserve a media say (backup 004 tape) for this server. We have LTO-4 tapes with 1.6TB size 2:1 compression.

At the end of the week i need to have full data available for restore ,in the worst case scenario i.e.,  the server/hard disk goes


My scenario :








Full   12 am

Inc 11pm

Inc  11pm

Inc 11-m

Inc 11pm

Please suggest me in this scenario.

You can change the setup or suggest a new one .Any help would be appreciated.

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Assuming that you do not work on weekends (Sat & Sun), it would be better for you do to a full backup on Fri and then incremental backups on Mon. to Thu.  There is no need to do an incremental on Fri. and then a Full backup on Sat.

You can set your AP to 7 days.  Your Full backup job on Fri should specify ovewrite so that it will use a new tape and your incremental jobs should specify append so that they can append to this tape.

As for the OPP, it depends on how long you want to keep the tape.  Set it accordingly.

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i created a media set ( OPP to 7 days ,APP to 7 days ) and i want to use this tape ( backup 004 ) for this particular server and not for others.

i want to run full backu on sat because there is one more full backup job running on the tape.

Our requirement : We want a full backup availabel for us ,while the next backu cycle starts. Will that media set suffice my requirement.


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You would not be able to use just 1 tape for your protection scheme.  You need at least 2 tapes because one would be protected when the second week starts.  You would also have to set the OPP to 6 days because the OPP starts from the end of the job that last write to the tape.

It is fine if you want to stick to the scheme in the initial post, but you would need to do an incremental on Mon.  Otherwise, the data created on Mon. are not protected.