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Appendable Backups

Created: 13 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

I've used BE for years for nightly backups. However, at my current job, I have a need to use it for archiving which I have not done through BE, only through Dantz Retrospect many years ago. I ran a 600GB backup job of PC images that we didn't want on the server any longer to an 800GB tape. I set it to never overwrite as I want to preserver the data, but I also set it to append inifinite. I assumed this to mean I could backup my 600GB of data last month, then this month run an additional bacup, using the remaining space before inserting a new tape. In theory a running archive across multiple tapes.

Today I went to run the job again to backup the latest round of images to be archived, but the tape ejects because it is set to not overwrite. I've obviously done something wrong. What job settings would I want to use to protect a tape from over-writing but allow me to append to it so as not to waste tape.


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When inserting a blank tape, the first operation has to be overwrite & not append. Consider setting the backup job properties as - append to media, else overwrite media if not appendable.

Use a media set to decide for how long you want to protect the tape, i.e protect it from being overwritten. Set this media set in the backup job.