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AppHA, SRM, VOM VBS Orchestration

Created: 20 Feb 2014 • Updated: 19 Jun 2014 | 1 comment
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Hello All,

I'm working through a complex implementation and have hit a couple of snags along the way. Maybe people have worked on verious bits along the way and may be able to contribute to an overall solution

The object of this endeavor is to create a flexible environment between 2 regional datacenters that gives us the ability to bring up a complex multi-tiered application pod at either location. Physicals meeting this HA criteria run VCS-Geo Cluster, some VMs run VCS-Geo Cluster with VVR while other VMs run AppHA..using SRM. They are all logically grouped within 2 VOM VBS groups. The Home VBS consists of the AppHA VMs, Service Groups from the VCS nodes in the home datacenter while the DR VBS consists of the AppHA VMs and the matching DR geo cluster Service groups.

AppHA seems to work as planned. VMs move through SRM to the datacenters and register fine in the SymHA consoles and report through VCenter with current status. My primary hurdle seems to be the control of those AppHA VMs from VOM VBS. The VBS control relies on a control host scan; and when that scan takes upwards of 6 hrs to run and update status. That time is better spent doing a manual startup sequence.

Again VOM communication and dynamic updating of the Virtualization environment seem to be an issue. The VCS based elements are not an issue with my belief that they are based on a static infrastructure. I have successfully started up and shut down the home VBS, but once it moves to the opposing Datacenter...VOM can't find the VM and AppHA Consoles cant tie updates to records

Has anyone done VBS orchistration of AppHA assets withe SRM handling transfers?

VOM 5.0

VMWare 5.1

SRM 5.1

AppHA 6.0

VCS 5.1 SP2\ 6.0.1 

Many Thanks,

Many thanks

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I thought I'd post a followup to this issue. In consultation with Tier 3 Engineering, it is feasible to make this architecture work. However it is not possible under VOM 5.0.

This is beyond the normal support portfolio offering

The generalized approach is to upgrade VOM to 6.0, Setup VOM to trap alerts from VCenter, setup APPHA VMs to send SNMP traps for status updates. There apparently is a technical paper on this as well as a discussion for those who wish to follow-up..