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Appliance 5220 NDMP backup extremely slow

Created: 23 Jul 2012 • Updated: 23 Jul 2012 | 9 comments
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I have problem with NDMP backup. I'm using a 5220 with 2.5 software on it to backup a EMC configured as a V-Block using NDMP.
Speed I see is average of 5MB/s??? I have ha a few backup to run about 50MB/s but this is til very slow for a NDMP backup.
NBU installed on master server. Appliance have a 10GB network adapter, EMC also have a 10GB nic, not a dedicated backup nic. Both connectet to the same core switch.

I've tryed using buffer files, and I can see new buffer setting beeing used when backup runs. But there are no changes to the backup speed.
Looking at the EMC when backups are run, there are almost not I/O on disk, controllers.. So bottle neck does not seem to be here.
Strange this is that I cannot see much traffic on the 5220 nic either..

Policy selection setup:

Set filesystem =/something/
Set Hist = yes
Set direct = yes
Set level = 0
So the the big question is how can I get speeds up and running??
Any help much appreciated

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What are you expecting to get out of an NDMP backup?  I've been in environments where 50MB/s was fast, so I'm not sure what your frame of reference is.

Do you know what was different about the times you were able to get 50MB/s?  Are these all fulls? 

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We have refference to NDMP backup running at speed around 300MB/s. But I do think that was backing up a NetApp.. But non the less, I cant put my finger on why the backup runs slowly, sins there seems to be no I/O on the storage system when backup is runing. And there are no Network traffic on the Appliance. 
So how I see it there is no reason for backup to run this slowly. 
I did some test backups running full on a spesific volume what only have 300GB with data, and there I had 50MB/s on mye test. But schedule running a incrementall on a volume that never been backed up before falls down to about 5MB/s.. 
Note!! Even running at 50MB/s, there is no I/O to speak of, less than 10% on the storage system. 
Copying data from one storage system to another over the same network interface, speeds I/O up to about 50-60% So performace over the NIC is not the problem. It must be somewhere else.

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How many files are in these file systems?  How is the policy setup, and are all the NAS volumes in the same policy?

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Are the backups completing successfully?  You don't mention that.  If they aren't, what errors is NBU giving you?

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Backup policy has 9 file systems in it, so yes to all NAS volumes in same policy.
Total of about 10million files, and about 10TB with data total.
Yes all backup finnish successfully in the end.

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I am testing some NDMP backups with a HNAS (BlueARC).  I got 70mb/sec directly to dedup disks, and 100MB/sec to advanced disk on the same appliance.  This was a single stream, I am working with the SAN guys to get more data/shares on the NAS to get a better view of the data streams.  Running NetBackup Windows Master and on the 5220 Appliances.

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Sorry to jump in with something different. I realized you gentlemen can help me since it seem you already done with what I needed.

I have configured a new NBU5220 (as master), and added my SQL & Exchange as SAN client. I have a Netapp filer for which NDMP should be configured. 5220 & netapp are connected over SAN, but now I see a blog which says NDMP can't be configured over FC.

  Is that true? If so, can some guide me how can I connect & configure NDMP on 5220?

  Thanks to you all in advance..

**** Anuj

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Any progression on this one ?

I am configuring a VNX5300 into an environment with 1 x 7504 Virtual Master Server and 1 x 5220 Appliance (2.5).  I am using NDMP for the CIFS data on the VNX and with a small 4GB test files system and am achieving 11400KB/Sec consistently over a 1GbE network connection.  When in production I will have a bonded 6 x 1GbE network link on the 5220, and the VNX data-movers will have a 4 x 1GbE LACP link (currently 1 x 1GbE) - and also I intend to have multiple streams / jobs running to utilise these multiple links.

When considering the file-selection within the policy at present I simply have the following specified:

set snapsure=yes


With the set type=vbb I get significantly worse throughput than with no type specified or set type=TAR specified.

I understand that N251 (7504 for the appliance) introduced a better performing NDMP stream handler for EMC - anyone tried this and seen improvements ?