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Appliance 5230 disk capacity

Created: 17 Sep 2013 • Updated: 18 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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color:black">Hi all,


color:black">in some documents for appliance 5230 they mentioned that the available storage capacity is 4TB,

color:black">in same time the disks slots is 12 disks 2 of them for OS and other 2 not used,

color:black">now the remaining numbers of slots is 8 disks and 3 TB disks size is supported lets say 8 disks *3 TB = 24 TB !!!! how com 4 TB is only usable ?



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The 5230 consists of a 'head' unit and 1 or 2 disk expansion units.  The head unit is 4TB usable capacity, then you may add up to two 24TB or 32TB expansion units giving you additional capacity.  Remember that 64TB is the max size for an MSDP pool. I have found that with a 5230 and a 32TB expansion tray you actually get between 38.5 - 39.5 TB usable space in the pool.    AJ

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Thanks SYMAJ,

but 4TB only usbale even if i have installed 8 disks in the base unit?

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You don't install your own disks in these appliances you just choose which type of appliance you want

There are four sizes available and 5 models of each size - these are 4TB, 28TB, 40TB and 76TB - each of these sizes refers to the usable capacity, whether de-dupe or advanced disk.

Each also has its operating system on seperate disks on top of these sizes, plus those used for RAID plus Hot Spares

The System disks are in RAID 1, the Data Disks are in RAID 6

A 4TB appliance is just the header unit, 28TB is a header plus a shelf, 40TB is a header plus a shelf (with larger capacity disks than the 28TB uint) and the 76TB is a header plus two shelves with the larger capacity disks

Hope this helps

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