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Appliance 5520 Master NBU Catalog Backup Authentication Error 160

Created: 17 Oct 2012 • Updated: 17 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Running NBU Catalog backup on 5220 Master / Media and try to write the DR-File to a Windows file share and get error 160.

Logs below.

15:13:56.475 [23040] <2> read_catdrinfo_file: PATH \\host\NetBackup_DR_Files
15:13:56.475 [23040] <2> read_catdrinfo_file: USER_NAME domain\svcedatanetbackup
15:13:56.475 [23040] <2> read_catdrinfo_file: PASSWORD 92ac71cd9e4049ebss30ed2ac0f34ca919fb4cf0c25d77189221f3cf920f4a082d
15:13:56.475 [23040] <2> read_catdrinfo_file: FLAGS 1
15:13:56.475 [23040] <2> exec_catalog_DR_protection: Writing DR image to \\host\NetBackup_DR_Files/e42a0138-nbu_catalog_1350479631_FULL
15:13:56.475 [23040] <4> write_DR_file: Forked child job( 23443 )
15:13:56.476 [23443] <16> VxCheckAccess: getpwnam(domain\svcedatanetbackup) failed
15:13:56.476 [23443] <4> db_error_add_to_file: Cannot write to \\host\NetBackup_DR_Files (160)
15:13:56.477 [23443] <32> write_DR_file: Cannot write to \\host \NetBackup_DR_Files (160)
15:13:56.485 [23040] <16> exec_catalog_DR_protection: Save DR file failed (160)

Thanks for any help

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Your Appliance is a Linux master server - Windows UNC path cannot be used.

Extract from NBU Admin Guide: 

Specify the directory where the disaster recovery information is to be saved. Do not save the
disaster recovery information to the local computer. Symantec recommends that you save the image file to a network share or a removable device.
The share must be established and available before the hot catalog backup runs.
Specify an NFS share or a UNC path (CIFS Windows share).
When indicating a UNC path, note the following:
■ A Windows master server can indicate a UNC path to a Windows computer.
A UNIX master server cannot indicate a UNC path to a Windows computer.
■ A UNIX master server cannot indicate a UNC path to a UNIX machine. To do so, first mount that UNC location on the master server, and then provide the UNC path to the UNIX machine.
The path for the disaster recovery information cannot be to a directory that is on the same partition as /usr/openv/netbackup. If the path is to a location on the same partition as /usr/openv/netbackup, NetBackup displays a status 20 error message. The message states that the disk path is invalid. Change the path on the Disaster Recovery tab to a directory on a different partition.
You can NFS mount a Unix/Linux path and specify this path as DR-file location.

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