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Appliance question.

Created: 11 Apr 2013 • Updated: 16 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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The company is planning to purchase the Backup Exec appliance but I'm confused about something.

There's 5 branches.. Do we need to purchase an appliance for each site or can we use that appliance or backup exec software to backup all the branches as they are on the same domain and workgroup.

Offsite replication through WAN suggests a server/appliance on each site to have offsite replication. What is the differentiator to when I should be going that route or sticking with one appliance/server and connecting it to other branches.

Please elaborate on your answer.

Thanks in advance.

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...having an appliance at each site means your backups and restores are going to be a lot faster.

Replicating this site backup information to a central location means that you have some sort of fall-back if your site appliance dies. You'd be able to restore data from your primary site if required.

Using 1 appliance means you're putting all your eggs in 1 basket. If that appliance dies, you lose all your site backup information unless you have duplicated it all to tape.


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Thank you for your answer, Craig.

So if all servers in different branches are on the same domain and workgroup, I can only have one appliance and have them all backed up with this single appliance? so the backup exec console will be able to discover all servers and be able to treat those servers in the branches as if they were in the local data center?

My main confusing point is as to when is it not possible to use a single appliance? from a network prespective..

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You can backup all your servers in different locations to one appliance.  However, note that by doing so, the backup data would have to move across the WAN link.  If your WAN link does not have sufficient bandwidth or is of low quality, then your backup will fail due to network delays or dropped packets.

If you backup to an appliance at that location and then replicate back to the main site, then only the changed data blocks would need to be sent over the WAN link, thus minimising the bandwidth requirement.

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Thanks again, so for the main site I'll grab an appliance and with the unlimited app and databse agents I will be able to protect all the branches with no added license, just one appliance and that is it?

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Shouldn't be a hassle...the only trouble might be from your WAN link if it isn't strong enough to handle the backup load.


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