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Application and Device Control: Importing Applications to Block from a file

Created: 19 May 2013 • Updated: 19 May 2013 | 2 comments
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I have about 100+ exe's I want to block from running on my SEP Clients so I want to add them to the "Application Control (in Application and Device Control) Policy -> Block Custom Applications from Running -> Block these Applications.". I have all the exe's listed in a spreadsheet but it seems that there's no option to import a list of files from a txt, cvs or xml or any file whatsoever. I realy don't look forward on having to define them one by one.

Do any of you know a solution to this? Maybe editing a specific Symantec configuration file and adding them in there directly?

I'm running SEP 12.1

Thanks a lot in advance!

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There is no import feature, they need to be added one by one.

You can check with support as some times they have internal tools that may accomplish this but as of now there is nothing publicly available.

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OMG. Ok, thanks for the quick reply! Let's start CTRL+C and CTRL+V-ing