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Application distribution through Web Console

Created: 01 Mar 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

I need to distribute around 30 application (in a specific order), some people mentioned using task or sequential options, I have surf for script sample of how to do this, but not luck

Basically, what I need is to enable the task (web console), so when there is a new computer or a computer that need to be reimage, it will get the altiris agents first (such as deployment agent and software virtual agent), then the task will trigger to start distributing those 30 applications in specific order..If anyone can point me in the right direction to see some similar task or sample, it will much appreciated.... (by the way, I am sort of new in altiris).....

Thank for you help in advance....

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You have many possibilities to do that.

One of its, consist to include Altiris NS Agent within the image that you deploy with Deployment Solution.

Previously, you created 2 differents collections.

First one can be named : 1st Time connect Computers

This collection will be the one where new computers is as soon as the connect to the NS, so just after the image. Do a query to look is there is no application Deployed (applications within the 30 that you want to deploy)

Second one is called : Computers OK

This collection is supposed to be this one where computers have been software delivered. So do a query to see if in Software Result, there is your applications deployed.

After that you have to go in Software Management in the Task Tab (sorry v6 console !) and to make a huge task in order to deploy Software to the following collection : 1st time connect computers.

Your task as to be sequential task (with the SWD Wizard you can easily do that : in Task tab of console !) that chain application one after the others.

So in summary, you will have news computers that up to a collection. This collections is managed by a Software Deploympent Rule. As long as you have some computers in your 1st collection, your computer is NOT ok.

Wheras, as soon as your computers are in the second collection your computer is OK.

I hope this help you !




A-SERVICES / Altiris Specialist

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Thank for you reply Mat, I will test the above scenario to see how it works in out environment...

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The main question at this time is:

If I have a new computer, which has altiris agent installed, then it is added to a collection: the following need to happen

First:: A task, I guess with a script will distribute or check if  the altiris solutions has been installed, once all the altiris solutions are installed ( such as deployment agent, virtual agent, task agent..etc) then the computer will go to the second step

Second step: a task will run to deploy software associated to the collection...

this suppose to happen in an unattended mode, only the altiris agent installation and adding new computer to collection would be manual I guess...

I will appreciate if you have some script sample to help me with the above scenario.....