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Application from layer can't save settings in a Excluded folder

Created: 27 Mar 2013 • Updated: 31 May 2013 | 4 comments

SVSCMD version is 6.4.1711.

OS: Windows 7 x86

I'm trying to understand how to virtualize applications which have settings in the %USERPROFILE% when the %USERPROFILE% folder is in exclusion list.

For example I virtualized VideoLAN application and I want to disable autoupdates for users. I have to include file with this setting to Read-only part of the layer (USER_TEMPLATE\APPDATA\vlc folder). It works fine: application settings are delivered to users and application can change these settings. But I also want all files created by an application from the layer to be stored in a real OS file system, not in the layer. To achieve this I add %USERPROFILE% to the layer Exclude entries. Since folder with the application settings is in the %USERPROFILE% I got a problem. The VideoLAN can't change files. All changes are made to real file system and application from the layer can only see files inside the layer. I tried to add Data layer with Data capturing to APPDATA\vlc but with no luck - it did not solve the problem.

I can remove APPDATA\vlc form the read-only layer and after that I have no problem. But I will have to deliver initial application settings using ActiveSetup (by copying them from other folder to user profile). It's some sort of workaround. My question is there more natural solution to this problem?

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Either exclude the folder(s) or file extensions associated with VLC

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Excluding file extensions is not a good option for me. For example user can use Filezilla application (FTP Client) to download any file type extensions.

I tried to add to exclusions APPDATA\vlc folder only. Result the same: VLC can't see changes in configuration files which are stored there.

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The user profile locations are defined in the shell folders under HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/Shell folders.

Perhaps you should try redirecting the folders within the VLC package to something local to the app itself.

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I think the "keep file changes in layer" checkbox is what you are looking for.  

My understanding is that his makes it so that if a file exists in the layer all updates to it will be captured in the layer and not writen to the base.  Files not in the layer will behave acording to the exlusions. 

(I haven't tested this out)