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Application licences needed?

Created: 26 Apr 2012 | 8 comments
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We upgraded from 2010 R3 to 2012, and also noticed that I can't select SQL for GRT restore anymore (even though it's selected under backup options).

In 2010, SQL, Exchange and AD restore were included in the AVVI / VMWare agents (you didn't need the SQL Option installed), but now we have to pay extra for the same functionality after upgrading?

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No. In both BE 2010 and 2012, if you want GRT restores of applications like SQL, Exchange, etc.  you need 1 application licence per server, virtual or physical.

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Then explain to me, why we were able to restore SQL databases with just the VMWare agents?

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It could just be a case of not enforcing the licencing rules in the BE 2010 code and this loophole was closed in BE 2012.  It is very clear in the BE 2010 Licencing Guide that you need an application licence per application server.  You can do it in BE 2010 but you are not complying with the licencing rule.

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Where do I find the licencing information you're talking about? We bought this from a reseller, and would like to present this information to them, as we bought BE2010 with that requirement, and they selected agents etc. that we would need.

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pkh is absolutely right.

Even in BE 2010 you had to buy a license for every application server (also if installed as virtual machine) you wanted to protect with GRT.

This story about these licenses included in the AVVI / hyper-V agent comes up again and again like an urban myth. ;)

regarding: "Then explain to me, why we were able to restore SQL databases with just the VMWare agents?"

Do you have no SQL Agent licensesed? Even If you have one license for SQL, that would enable you to use SQL GRT in all of your jobs...

Otherwise I agree to pkh's statement. 

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Nope didn't buy any SQL Agents, I do however think I know what happened (hard to verify now the BE2010 installation is replaced):

We attended Symantec World and managed to poach one of the "all options" keys for prolonged testing from the sales guys. I'm starting to suspect the key was never properly removed when we put the system into production, then obviously didn't get tranferred over in the 2012 upgrade.

Atleast we now know we're not using any licenses we're not paying for, I'm off to our reseller, cheerio :P

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i face the same issue, before in BE 2010 i had 1 licence to backup 10 servers.

After upgrade, i'm still able to backup SQL databases... i have no restrictions on how many databases i can protect !!

Wonderfull bug of Symantec, for one time a bug permits to save my money... Thx Symantec :)