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Application Running Rule Component

Created: 05 Jul 2013 | 7 comments
Hello community

I have a little problem.

I have built a workflow to check locally on a computer  whether a particular application is started or not .


In debug mode, the application is also recognized correctly and the correct message is shown. In my Example i check if Notepad is started or not.

When I publish my Workflow to the ProcessManager Server the Workflow doesn't work.

 I Think  the "Application Running Rule" component recognizes  only locally on the workflow server applications.

Is there a way to check applications on the client from which the workflow was called?

Thanks for your help.
Greeting from Wuppertal, Germany
Sebastian Breitenborn
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You are correct in your thinking, the workflow is checking the local server for the running process.

Without exploiting an unpatched vunrability in the browser, a web page is not able to access the running processes list of a client.

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The component runs on the server. If its working in the debuger and not when deployed then its likely permissions. You are probably using the built-in webserver which runs as your user. For the deployed project you need to change the IIS application pool identity, in which the workflow runs, to a user that has permissions to check if the process is running.

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Ok, thanks for your reply. But my IIS Skills are not so good. Have you got an instruction or example how i configure this.

I have found something about the App Pool but i think we dont have any processes in this pool.


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In IIS, click on the Application folder you want to update,  then click on Advanced Settings (on the far right pane).

The first line is Application Pool, click it to select a new pool.


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Ok, i have build my own Application Pool.


In Site Settings i set the new Application Pool


In the advanced Settings i set a custom user with Adminstration Rights, but it doesn't work.

Are there any Log Files or something else.... ?


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Did you edit the virtual directory and set its app pool as your new app pool? In the screen shot your app pool has zero applications. The component isn't doing anything special. It just uses .NET System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName. 

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When I look to the new Application Pool i see one Application ...

This is what i see when i Go to "view applications"iis_app_pool_6.jpg

I know what the Component do, we want to check if an specific application is started on the client. If yes a Form Builder is shown with special formatted numbers which can read by a CTI Application for our phones